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Reduce the stuff we use to maintain other stuff. For example can we reduce the number of cleaning supplies we have? If we took inventory of all that we have on hand, what would our total be?  How many other products in our homes serve only to maintain something else we own? Can we reduce […]

Shopping Guidelines

Celebrating 10 years in business in 2018!     I apologize for not sending out a newsletter in July. I was traveling and the summer just flew by. However, I did write some blog articles that you may find inspiring and interesting. Please see below.    Recent Blog Articles:   What is Clutter? Gatekeeper Questions The […]

Define Minimalism

How would you define minimalism? I asked this question at the beginning of a presentation I gave recently at Brown University in Providence, RI. The answers I received were varied, but most of them included the concepts of intentionally having less stuff, and living a meaningful life with less material possessions. This was consistent with what […]

How to Keep Only What’s Important

Keep what’s important and let go of the rest. Keeping only what’s important will help us stay organized because we won’t be wasting our time with things that aren’t wanted, needed, or used. Complete these 4 statements to focus on what’s important in life right now. I want this in my life now, because… This […]

Letting Go

Letting go of things can be stressful and difficult, especially if they hold some sentimental value. We tend to hold onto things that remind us of precious people and moments from our past. A few years ago I was helping a client organize her bedroom, and we came across some dried, brittle, dusty, yellowed flowers […]