Entries by Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®

Containers for Organizing

Tip:  When searching for an appropriate container to store items, take these 5 aspects into consideration, proper fit, durability, manageability, dimensions, and labeling options.  Remember that function should take prescience over ascetics.  I recommend getting a container you like, because you’ll be much more apt to use it.

Cost of Ownership

September brings colder nights, and soon we’ll be turning on the heat.  We received the depressing news from our plumber that our furnace should be replaced this year or next.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.  What about the joys and cost of owning any item? Costs of Ownership Do you agree that it’s easy […]

Organizing Photos

Tip:   Organized photos, whether they’re digital or actual prints by theme.  First gather them up, purge the blurred and oops ones, and then sort and store by theme.  Organizing photos by theme is much easier than trying to determine the chronological order of each individual picture.  Some themes may be birthdays, holidays, school events, weddings, […]

Organizing Manuals

Tip: Store product manuals and instructions in one file with three subcategories, kitchen, children and other.  Be honest with yourself when asking if you’ll ever reference this information again.  If not, don’t keep the manual or instructions.  Manuals often come in more than one language, only keep the language you reference.  Sort through this file […]