• Clothing Consignment, Maureen MaKinnon
    Owner at Twice the Diva in Plainville, MA
  • Electronic Recycling, Phyllis M. Hutnak
    Owner of Indie Cycle, LLC in Charlestown,RI
  • Image Consultant, Sira D’Arpino
    Owner at City Chic in Hope, RI
  • Image Consultant, Gaelen Abt
    Owner at the Style Sherpa in Foster, RI
  • Moving Company, Dave MacDonald
    Relocation Consultant at Humboldt in Canton, MA
  • Online Downsizing and Estate Sale Auctions, Emmett Meacher
    Representative at MaxSold in Boston, MA
  • Photo Restoration & Preservation, Jodie Rosen
    Owner at Pages 2 Remember in Easton, MA
  • Photo, Slide, and Media Organization & Conversion, Jody LaPointe
    Senior Consultant at EverPresent in Newton, MA