Class & Presentation Topics

Janine Cavanaugh giving presentation 2-11-20

Are you looking for a meaningful presentation topic to offer to your group or organization? Everyone can benefit from learning more about organizing and decluttering. I can provide guidelines, tips, and resources. With 12 years of teaching experience, I can provide an interactive, insightful presentation on several organizing topics. Below is a list of organizing classes, presentations, and seminars I’ve taught in the past. I’m willing to expand on this list to provide your group with relevant content.

Organizing in 5 Steps

Learn a 5 step organizing process that Certified Professional Organizer®, Janine Cavanaugh uses with her clients to help them get organized, make mindful decisions about their stuff, and prevent the mess from returning.

Obtaining A Stress-Free Closet

Do you feel anxious at the sight of your closet? Is it overstuffed and messy? An organized closet is a stress-free closet. Resolve to do a closet cleanse. It can happen with a good plan of attack. This workshop will discuss a 5 step organizing formula that will help you create a beautiful closet.

Downsizing Our Homes

At some point, most of us will think about downsizing either for ourselves, our parents, grandparents, or in-laws. Sorting through a lifetime of possessions can be complicated. This workshop discusses a seven step downsizing action plan that is easy to initiate, follow, and complete. Learn tips to help you decide what to discard, what to keep, and available sources to get rid of things.

Conquering Clutter

It’s easy to accumulate things, and bring stuff into our spaces, but it can be difficult to remove things and discard clutter. Want to conquer clutter with confidence? This workshop will discuss effective clutter controlling solutions that will help you take control of your spaces, places, and stuff. Learn how to get rid of clutter once and for all.

Own Les, Organize Less

Would you like to explore how to thrive with less material possessions? Are you willing to practice voluntary simplicity? Do you want to spend less time maintaining your stuff and more time making memories with the important people in your life? This workshop presents ideas on how to reduce life’s excess, live simply, and intentionally live with less stuff.

Keeping the Memories Not the Stuff

It’s easy to get attached to our possessions. We tend to form sentimental bonds to the things we purchase for ourselves, the gifts we receive, and the items we inherit from others. This workshop presents ideas on how to address and let go of sentimental things. Come learn how to keep the memories but get rid of the stuff.

Top 10 Organizing Tips

Customize a presentation that includes the top ten organizing tips for any space or items. Some examples: Basements, Garages, Photographs, Sewing/Quilt rooms, Craft areas.

Organizing Small Spaces

Learn how to reduce the challenges of organizing small spaces with effective guidelines, tips, and resources.

Organizing Paper

Learn how to organize paper by establishing effective paper flow, clear paper placement, and proper paper guidelines.

Organized to Sell

Learn how to organize your house so that potential home buyers will be able to focus on the best features of your house, not your clutter and stuff.

Paper Guidelines

Learn how to establish effective and efficient paper filing guidelines, maintenance guidelines, and retention guidelines.

Organizing Tips for the Hybrid Worker

Hybrid workers need to juggle a lot of moving parts. Organizing all those moving parts can be challenging. Transitioning from a work-at-home environment to an office environment and back again, requires organizing skills and proper planning. Certified Professional Organizer, Janine Cavanaugh offers 10 helpful tips to help hybrid workers juggle effortlessly, plan effectively and transition smoothly.

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