Downsizing Services

Closet - before

Client’s disorganized closet

Empty closet

Empty closet – 3 hours to accomplish

Closet organization

Organized closet – 5 hour project from start to finish

We all have stuff and managing that stuff can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if we’ve been letting things pile up and accumulate. It’s natural to fill the space we have. It’s easier to hold onto to things than it is to decide how and where to get rid of them. As a Certified Professional Organizer® I’ll work with you to reduce, remove, streamline, and de-clutter. My job is more than helping get rid of stuff.  It’s helping make room for the important things, and preserving the meaningful memories.

Providing assistance with:

  • Deciding what to keep and what not to keep
  • Removing unwanted, unused, and unneeded belongings
  • Defining and reducing clutter
  • Finding resources for donations and recyclables
  • Dropping off donations
  • Purging unwanted items before a move
  • Downsizing prior to a move
  • Clearing out a house to prepare for sale

Hours of operation: Monday thru Thursday 9:00AM till 5:30PM and Friday 9:00AM till 4:00PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday.

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