Before & After: Organized Spaces

Client’s Comments

“Janine has helped us with countless projects. We saved the attic for last thinking it would be the biggest undertaking, but with Janine’s super organization and pristine advice, we were able to finish it in just two visits. I never thought our attic could look so good! Thank you so much Janine!

R.R., Mansfield, MA

Client’s Comments

“What an amazing boost to my spirits to have Janine help me organize and clear out my very cluttered home! I have been overwhelmed with the massive amount of things we had collected over the past 20+ years and the clutter throughout our home. I’ve been working by myself to haul out as many items as I could but it seemed neverending, so I made the perfect decision to call Janine! She is so kind and supportive. Her method is simple and organized and together we went through boxes and piles. Right away I could see and feel a difference. It was no longer overwhelming, but manageable! Now, I have labeled boxes and bags so I know where to put things as I find them. We hauled out several bags of trash, lots of recycling, textiles and clothes to donate, etc. I feel free! Best of all, I am empowered again to continue the process with renewed energy. I have a method and know that it can be done. I really needed Janine’s support and clarity. I will call Janine again in a few weeks and we’ll bravely tackle the basement together. I can’t wait! thanks, Janine. And thank you for the email with information about recycling electronics, too.

The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been a renewed feeling of happiness. I stood at the doorway and gazed happily into my now organized and spacious master bedroom today, just to bask in the feeling of hope and joy that I really can move mountains! There is a huge visible difference. I feel peace instead of anxiety and dread. I CAN do it!”

D.J., Mansfield, MA

Maximize storage

Client’s Comments

“I love my newly organized dinning room. Now my daughter can find all of her craft supplies, and this school year we “shopped” in her craft supplies at home in the dinning room.  We only needed to purchase 3 items! Thanks so much for your help”

R.S., Dedham, MA

clutter in basement

Client’s Comments

“Every time I go through the basement I am happy about it. My husband is super happy about it. It’s been bothering us all. Thank you.”

J.F., Norfolk, MA

Organizing closet project - before
Organizing closet project - after

Client’s Comments

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and motivation. I think I would still be staring at the pit that was my closet if you hadn’t come in and given me a focus and direction. You made a very difficult, overwhelming, situation much more manageable. Thank you again!”

A.K., Kingston, MA

Basement organizing project - before
Basement organizing project - after

Client’s Comments

“Three years ago, my husband and I decided to add onto our house, and with that came a nice new basement. Well, 3 years later, that nice, new basement had turned into a pit of despair!!! It was full of boxes that we still hadn’t unpacked after the remodel was finished and had also turned into a “catch all” room for anything and everything. You could not see the floor in there – never mind trying to find something that you needed! Worse yet, the overflow had started to seep into the existing basement. Just the thought of going to the basement was extremely stressful. Thankfully – I met Janine!! In a days time (4 hours one day, 3 hours another) we had not only cleaned up both basement areas, we had also organized what was left (we threw a ton away!). I could find what I needed! I could see the floor! I actually had storage space, a space for crafting and gift wrapping, a place for sewing, and a place for my husband to put some of his tools. Janine is so easy to work with – so patient and calm. I could have never done it without her. Thank you Janine for ALL of your help!!!”

P. P., Foxborough, MA

overstuffed garage

Client’s Comments

“Janine helped me get my very cluttered garage clean and usable and realize that with effort and focus the most daunting of jobs can be done. Janine reassured me that she would not throw anything out on her own. Getting rid of everything was my choice. It felt very empowering knowing that I was capable of doing something that I thought was impossible, namely getting the garage in a usable state, with Janine’s guidance and support. At the first meeting I explained to Janine that I have the clutter that I do because I see an item and rather than see junk and throw it away, I see future value and keep it for later. Unfortunately, things start to accumulate and things no longer have a place, what Janine did was watch and learned how my brain operated and helped by asking questions as we moved through the project. It was a pleasure working with Janine because she not only gives verbal and emotional support, but is also willing to dig in and get her hands dirty. A great thing about Janine’s method is that if you can’t tell what something is by the exterior box, she labels it so we know what is in the container. I highly endorse Janine for any clean-up project you may have.

The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been I am now putting things back in their proper home after using them rather than letting them lay around cluttering things back up. “

M.S., Franklin, MA

Cluttered livingroom
Livingroom organizing project

Client’s Comments

“I am singing the praises of Janine Cavanaugh all over Boston because she taught me in very short order how to tackle an enormous amount of clutter throughout my apartment and then organize my space effectively. Janine’s expertise combined with her calm, caring and professional manner turned what I thought would be an overwhelming ordeal into a very enjoyable and successful experience. I found her approach so logical, our work sessions so productive, and the outcome from one session to another more than I ever expected. She always focuses on solutions and keeps the project moving forward. Thanks to Janine, I now know how to organize my space and my belongings on my own. In addition, I have an invaluable list of resources from her that will help me stay organized in the future. Getting off the clutter track and on to the organizing track has been a very liberating experience for me. I am most grateful to Janine for teaching me the do’s and don’ts of staying on the “clutter-free” track as we worked our way through a very challenging project. Overall, this undertaking has proved to be a wonderful investment.”

Client, Boston

Clutter happens
De-cluttered bedroom
Cluttered surfaces
Organized spare room

Client’s Comments

“When Janine arrived at my house all but one of the 12 rooms was presentable. The one in question is referred to as the Catch-all Room (used for sleeping, computer work and library). The door could barely open. The bed was covered with clothes. Janine and I worked for three hours sorting and purging. She guided me and encouraged me in a gentle way to keep the process going. Thanks, Janine, for sharing all your great ideas.”

J.G., Rehoboth, MA

Overstuffed client closet
Organized client closet

Client’s Comments

“I had a walk-in closet that no longer had empty floor space. I knew something had to be done, but I didn’t know where to start. That is where Janine came in. She helped me to sort through heaps of clothing, purses, scarves, and just “stuff” that accumulated in the closet. Janine had a great way of seeing beyond the mess. She made me think in a different way and I was able to let go of many items I had been holding on to. The job was so big that we found it was best to work on it a little at a time. In the end, my closet is a wonderful, spacious, organized space that I keep revisiting….I love to walk down to the end of the closet and just look at my purses hanging on the wall, my shoes organized and stacked neatly on shelves, and the clothes that I actually wear hanging neatly. Another great outcome is that I have 5 large bags of clothing and shoes to donate to people in need!”

L. Z., Franklin, MA

Craft area organizing project - before
Craft area organizing project -after

Client’s Comments

“Janine helped me sort and reorganize my basement playroom. It needed to serve different functions for four different people: one Mom and three children ages 13, 11 and 2. There were lots of bins and piles that needed to be sorted and although I made great attempts on my own, I only seemed to get halfway through the project. I am so happy it is now done…and done right! Janine’s had great suggestions for how the room layout would work best. Her expertise has given me a completely efficient and functional space. There are designated areas for the air hockey table, treadmill and full set of drums, plus a T.V. area, craft workspace for kids, and play space for a 2-year-old. Most importantly, I now have my very own corner for scrapbooking, stamping and gift wrapping. Because Janine was able to organize all my supplies in the basement, other rooms in the house became less cluttered (which made my husband very happy). Believe it or not, everything fits with room to play! Hiring Janine was the best money I ever spent! Thanks!”

V. D., Norton, MA

Closet organizing project - before photo
Closet organizing project - after photo

Client’s Comments

“Janine, you changed my life! I am so happy with the work we did and I am keeping up with it! Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it! You are the one who motivated me! I feel so much more relaxed. I will keep in touch. Thank you so very much!”

J.J., Bridgewater, MA