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What People are Saying About Janine Cavanaugh

Client's unorganized office
Cluttered livingroom
Client's cluttered living room

“Thank you Janine, I keep opening the door of the closet and looking in in amazement. Whew!”

“I have worked with Janine for over 5 years and HIGHLY recommend her as a Professional Organizer! I have used many Professional Organizers, but must say that Janine is my favorite! The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been decluttering! Janine has a sense for seeing space and knowing how to use it most efficiently. She helped me to downsize into a 1-bedroom loft apartment from a 2-bedroom house, that was full many items from my father’s house when he downsized. During the process, she had an absolutely natural, relaxed and non-judgmental way of dealing with the mess that I made throughout the apartment. Janine has the patience of a saint, and has helped create simplicity, usability, and ease with her organization plan. She also helped me to refine my kitchen, closets, basement, and garage.

I often times stared at piles of paperwork and would move them from one side of the desk to the other thinking that I had accomplished a days worth of work! I can’t explain the feeling of satisfaction when I tackle those papers with Janine. She was just the help and motivation I needed!

Janine also assisted us when my partner’s mother passed. Her professionalism was outstanding, as sorting through an entire home is never easy, time consuming, physically demanding and emotional. Janine is an excellent resource for donations! She also shares her knowledge and teaches classes on organizing!

Working with Janine has been a pleasure because she helps you identify what truly matters to you, and then get through the material de-cluttering process. I would highly recommend her to those who not only want to clear out their physical spaces but also gain a greater sense of serenity and order in their lives!”

“Janine makes cleaning out and organizing so easy. She teaches you a thought process and system to easily use in every organizing project. But I’ll have to admit, it is a lot easier having her help than to do it on my own. Sometimes the task becomes overwhelming, or in my case the thought of organizing my basement was too much to take on by myself. Thank you, Janine, for helping me organize my basement. It feels so good to clean out and to put things in their place. You are so patient and kind when it comes to helping me make decisions as to what to keep and what to let go. What better time of year for a project like this than Springtime. Now I am motivated to continue with my organizing project. And knowing you are available should I get “stuck” makes it a less daunting task. Thank you, Janine.”

“Let me begin by saying that I felt very anxious about calling an organizer but after speaking with Janine on the phone I was comfortable enough to have her come look at my “mess” to get an estimate of time, cost, etc. Once I met her she put me at ease right away and I scheduled an appointment for the following week to help me get my closets organized.

Well, when next week came and it was time for the appointment I started getting nervous and told Janine that I may only be able to do a 2 hour appointment and she was very understanding and said that’s not a problem. After 15 minutes of working with Janine I forgot all about being nervous and the appointment turned out to be for 4 hours and the time just flew by. She kept asking me how I’m doing – if I need to take a break and also how I’m feeling (about letting go of some of the clutter I’ve accumulated). And when I do take my breaks, she keeps right on working and is always busy. It’s amazing what she can do in so little time.

Janine has come 3 times now to help me get my home organized and I’m so glad I chose her to help me. She is very professional, understanding, encouraging and also excellent at coming up with ideas to organize things that I would have never thought of. She has brought so much peace and sanity back into my life that I am so very thankful that I made that first call.”

“Janine, I can’t thank you enough for helping me organize my attic. I always hated going up there because things were everywhere and everything was so disorganized. The thought of tackling the insurmountable task of cleaning it out left me exhausted! Much to my surprise and with you by my side, it was so much easier than imagined. You shared some great ideas on how to best use the space and left me with a well-organized attic. I now know where everything is and everything has a designated space, which is great! I can’t thank you enough for helping me conquer my attic. Every time I go up there, I get excited all over again! Thanks so much!!”

“Janine’s calm, cool, and collected approach to organization makes one feel it’s doable. She offers great tips in areas I didn’t expect and in ways I would never think of on my own. Within minutes after Janine leaving my house, I was able to easily implement a few suggestions she offered and see more clearly, new easy ways to change old habits. Let’s face it. They don’t teach organization in school. Once you learn one of Janine’s tricks you can apply it everywhere: home, office, garage, basement, attic, hobby area, etc. Thanks Janine! Now that someone showed me how, I CAN do it.”

“Janine really listened to my spouse and I as we talked about our home organization problems and helped us clarify our needs. She inspired us, and in a very short period of time walked around our house, suggesting rearrangement and reuse of furniture and decorations that made an immediate improvement in the appearance of each room. She also followed up with me right after the meeting, to provide recommendations on dealers who could help me settle my family’s estate. We have already implemented most of what she told us and feel much “lighter.” I would highly recommend her!”

“Janine helped me organize my kitchen cabinets and I am thrilled with the results! She found “lost” storage space for me and made sure the items I use daily are easily accessible. Although we didn’t need to get rid of many items, I seem to have lots more storage space. Janine found ways to use the storage containers that I already owned, such as baskets and bins, instead of having me buy new and expensive items.”

“When I hired Janine to help organize my business papers at home, I could not have imagined the impact she would have on my life. She is an expert in her field and had an answer for every problem I presented. Her solutions were designed to personally fit my needs and used organization materials and systems I could keep moving forward. After several sessions, we finished my major issue and the chaos left and the relief set in. I shared more organization issues with Janine and she shared quick do-it-yourself ideas that I implemented but completely give her credit. My home office looks and Feels great because of Janine.”

“Although I considered myself to be somewhat organized, Janine took me to an all new level of organization. In a matter of hours, I learned how to organize my space, which happens to be my home office. As a result, my desk remains clean, so I am not distracted by the “piles” of paper. I could not have done this without Janine’s help.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Janine as she is a consummate professional with a firm grasp of the organizing process. She keeps her clients on track and helps them reach their organizing goals. Janine helped me simplify what seemed like an overwhelming project and put good organizational systems in place. I felt an immediate sense of accomplishment after our home office was clear and organized. And weeks later I still feel great about our space since the systems Janine suggested really work. I highly recommend Janine!”

“Janine knows her stuff when it comes to organizing & time saving tips ! She taught a class for my direct sales team of over 100 consultants. I received very positive feedback from the participants. Her organizing techniques are simple and manageable. We felt we could execute Janine’s tips and not feel overwhelmed. Janine gave us a clear path starting and maintaining systems.”

“I think one of the biggest helps (beside your advice and not having to do everything alone) was your help in getting things over the finish line. I have had those bags of clothes and shoes to give away, sitting there, for probably a month, so it was really valuable to have your help in recording and dropping off.”

“Please be assured, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I truly value and appreciate your insight and help. Thanks.”

“This is amazing! I never thought I’d get this project done. Thanks so much for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I have much less stress looking at the master bedroom now. Everything is in order, old clothes gone, dresser cleared, jewelry in good order! I love how clean it is. So good to be shed of so much stuff! Thanks for a great Session! Yeah!”

“Janine has helped me at both my home and business. Her assistance with tackling my ever challenging organizational problems has been beyond immeasurable. I’m so glad that Janine was there to help me because downsizing my business and becoming a mother has taken precious time away from my house keeping! Knowing where to begin and how to sort the mess is key to accomplishing any organizing that I need to accomplish. I would highly recommend Janine for any project, whether you just need help starting or if you need help all the way through. She has so many great tips and ideas, you will be satisfied!”

“Janine was outstanding. I was under the gun to finish cleaning out my house, as it was sold and the closing date was fast approaching. I physically can’t do the work myself anymore and needed both the planning as well as the physical assistance. Janine did it all. Plus, she did it with a smile. What more could I ask for? Nothing. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been peace of mind that the job would get done in the time frame required. Hire Janine. You won’t be disappointed.”

I originally engaged Janine to help clear two rooms prior to our move to our new home. Janine’s gentle and helpful approach to work expanded. Janine worked with me over many, many sessions getting the entire house sorted and purged prior to the move. She came on packing day to help me guide the movers. Finally, she came back for several sessions after the move to help unpack and reorganize our belongings in our new home. Janine reduced the stress of our move. While it could have been a DIY project, now four months later, I would have been still unpacking. After just a few short days, we were almost completely settled! Janine was immensely helpful, the move was a resounding success, and I highly recommend Janine for any job, small or large. (We even discovered $250 in an old Christmas card!)

“I was lucky enough to have Janine work with me over the phone a bit…she’s awesome! I’m hoping to take a class some day! Janine gave me the confidence and hope that I could possibly tackle my clutter, and mess, and come out victorious! I wish I could help people the way Janine does! She offers, not only organizing solutions, but a better life for those who REALLY get overwhelmed, like myself!”

“I am singing the praises of Janine Cavanaugh all over Boston because she taught me in very short order how to tackle an enormous amount of clutter throughout my apartment and then organize my space effectively.

Janine’s expertise combined with her calm, caring and professional manner turned what I thought would be an overwhelming ordeal into a very enjoyable and successful experience. I found her approach so logical, our work sessions so productive, and the outcome from one session to another more than I ever expected. She always focuses on solutions and keeps the project moving forward.
Thanks to Janine, I now know how to organize my space and my belongings on my own. In addition, I have an invaluable list of resources from her that will help me stay organized in the future. Getting off the clutter track and on to the organizing track has been a very liberating experience for me.
I am most grateful to Janine for teaching me the do’s and don’ts of staying on the “clutter-free” track as we worked our way through a very challenging project. Overall, this undertaking has proved to be a wonderful investment.”

Janine, thank you so much for your help with organizing our home. We have been doing well with keeping our 3rd bedroom clean as well as our mail organized! You have given us excellent skills to apply to the garage project. Thank you again!

“Janine helped me help a client. We worked as partners for a woman overwhelmed by inherited “stuff” and Janine was able to quickly identify resources for my client, for how to handle her collections, and where to donate treasured but cumbersome furniture. Her calm attitude, gentle manner, and firm professionalism set my client at ease, and helped her focus on the tasks at hand. Now that her “stuff’ is getting dealt with, we will be able to record the stories my client wants to save for her future grandchildren! Thanks so much for all your help, Janine!”

“If you have the opportunity to work with Janine, take it. She is the gold-standard for integrity and generosity. She asks thoughtful questions and listens well to the answers. She is a natural problem- solver and collaborator. She has a gift for sharing her wisdom while helping me tap into my own, making her a trusted colleague.”

“Janine, thanks so much. Our conversation and the documents you shared = most helpful. We have been cranking away and invoking your wisdom. i.e. take breaks, set a timer if we need, not burning ourselves out. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been replacing the overwhelmed feeling (so often felt when thinking about getting things in order) with one of calm reason and choice.”

“You came to my house once maybe 4 or 5 years ago for a free consultation since I took two of your classes at Tri-County. One thing that bothered me a lot was my husband’s stuff  (mostly paper) from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s cluttering the basement. You wisely advised me to sort it into boxes and label them which I did without saying anything to him about it.  I want you to know that just this year he started going through them!  The catalyst was helping to move his brother last fall who had mountains of useless clutter! He doesn’t want to be like that when we potentially move in a few years.  Just want you to know the plan works but it takes time!”

“We asked Janine to help us plan the move back into our kitchen after a huge renovation. Janine was fabulous. Like a good teacher, she facilitated OUR thinking about what made sense, so we could make confident choices. We knew we had one chance to get it right — otherwise, we’d just put everything back haphazardly and never change it. Janine asked excellent questions to prompt our decisions. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been feeling as if my body can move more efficiently (and joyfully) in my new kitchen! I love cooking, and Janine made it even more wonderful. Hire her! Worth every cent.”

“Janine helped me enormously. My bedroom closet was packed with old files and scattered miscellaneous items I had no clue what to keep & what to discard. Janine took care of everything. She also helped organize a bathroom closet that had been neglected for years. We’ve just started to tackle our next project of rummaging through years of accumulated photos and finding them homes!  It’s such a pleasure to arrive home to an organized house and the best part is Janine’s taught me to keep it that way. Janine suggested donating to Savers so instead of unused items collecting dust, we donate them. I can’t say enough good things about Janine. She is a hard worker and truly excellent at what she does.”

“Janine helped me organize and declutter from my brother’s move. She is so efficient and knowledgeable about places to donate items. She saved me hours of time and is a pleasure to work with! This was the first time I worked with Janine and I am definitely planning to work with her in the near future!”

‘With you here I can do anything. Things aren’t scary. You make anything doable.”

“Janine is GODSEND for me. Positive, resourceful. non-judgemental, and full of energy! Such a pleasure to work with her! She was able to bring me straight to reality with her patience and her kindness. Janine has been a positive reinforcement for me. She was surely sent from GOD!”

“Janine helped me to get rid of clutter and organize the rest. Much was donated to charity. I was having 8 guests from France and I had to have room for them. The visit went without a hitch. Janine helped me to organize each room of the house plus the garage. I will be selling my home to move into senior housing and my home is in good shape to do that.

The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been all the extra living space. And room in the garage for my car. And organization in my cabinets and drawers. I also am determined to no longer collect the things that were cluttering my place so that I can keep my place clean. I am a much happier person.”

“I had a daunting task – organize my overflowing papers and home office while also downsizing and packing for a move. Janine helped enormously! We spent several days clearing clutter and organizing my office files. Result: I was able to move and unpack my new, much smaller, home office, find all the important documents, and face a far slimmer filing cabinet where I could actually find everything. Janine is calm, patient, friendly and above all, listens to what you need and helps you find the best solution. It made a great difference to have her help, and after my move, I am still thrilled by having a manageable filing system and all my books and papers sorted out!”

“Janine helped me de-clutter and organize my basement in preparation for it to be finished. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been getting things done! Setting aside dedicated time, having help, and having someone to be accountable to, was immensely helpful. It sounds simple enough, but most of us know there never seems to be enough hours in the day, and something “more urgent” takes up any free time. I was so impressed with Janine’s approach and style – she had a plan but was flexible, and she challenged me without being pushy. She also had great ideas and resources to offer. I would highly recommend working with her!”

“Working with Janine was wonderful. She is a calm, team-oriented professional. Janine worked with me on my office, which had become the dumping ground for all things. It was a room I avoided at all cost, the bane of my existence. It was wonderful to have Janine there to discuss what steps to take and the best way for me and my family to organize the space; providing great options for each step so the space is truly customized for us. Now the office is a functional room that is organized. Things are easy to find and it stays more organized!”

“Because I have moved my home so many times, the thought of unpacking more boxes was a very daunting prospect. Janine came to the rescue by offering to help me organize my home office. Not only did I have a ridiculous number of books, I had boxes of things I had saved for years. With extreme patience, calmness, and good grace, Janine helped me sort through every item in my office until I could see the floor again! She then helped me to find a place for everything in a way that made sense. I doubt I would have tackled this task without her help. Thanks, Janine, for making the job much easier and much more fun!”

“I was pleased to have worked with Janine in getting my home office organized. What a project! She helped me stay focused on the task at hand which made the whole process move along smoothly. I would recommend Janine for your organizing needs!”

“Janine helped me get a handle on my home office chaos. She was non-judgmental and no job seemed too large to handle with her help. She kept me on task and in a few hours I could find anything I needed at a moments notice. I will definitely be having Janine come back to help me tackle other parts of my home very soon!!”

“Janine helped me organize my storage area. She helped me weed through years of accumulated items that I no longer needed to store. She helped me determine which items needed to go into long-term storage, which items could be kept in my house and which ones could be donated. Janine kept me focused when I started to loose steam and made sure I completed the project instead of leaving it half completed, as I would have done on my own. I definitely would not have completed this project without Janine’s help. I already have a few more projects of which I plan to have Janine help me.”

“Janine, I want to thank you so much for your help. Even my son, when he open the linen closet said, ” WOW who organized this?’ and “Why didn’t she organize my room?”. It is true; you really did a fabulous job. I just forget to ask you what I can do to organize all the school papers, which I hide in the dining room drawer!!!!! I will probably have you here again, even my desk looks great. I will talk to you soon and thank you again.”

“Janine was so helpful to me in my quest for an organized household. I am fairly organized on my own, but often find, I don’t think out of the box when it comes to moving items or categories of items to a new home. Janine helped me re-think some of my storage areas and tools for organizing. With her help I was able to complete my first floor organization project with great ease. Using some of the tools and information she provided me with, I am now working on my second floor. Only one more floor to go! I had put this reorganizing project off much longer than I should have. Janine showed me how to break the project into smaller pieces. Thank you Janine!”

“I just had to tell you that I downloaded the pictures from my camera and was looking at the before and after. OH MY GOD! I love you!”

“Janine thank you so much for everything. My husband and my son love it. “Who is this woman? She is really good at what she does!!!!”. These are my husband words. My son was so impressed that he wanted to use the computer in his room. He said that it is COOL!!!!”

“I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the job Janine Cavanaugh did in organizing my apartment. Janine was very professional and timely. In this world it is often hard to find people who do what they say they are going to do. This was never an issue. Janine started when she said she would and finished when she said she would. The work was always to my satisfaction or exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Janine, without hesitation, to anyone who needs similar assistance in setting up his or her home.

I recently moved to Rhode Island along with 20 years of items I could not part with. I did not know whom to contact to help me organize, so I turned to the web and found Janine!! Janine is a genius!! She has helped me organize my kitchen, closets, and family room. She patiently sorted 20 years of stuff collected and helped to organize, throw out, donate, and recycle. The overall flow through my apartment is great-no more boxes or items stuffed in closets. Thank you, Janine!”

“I have been able to clear out most of the things in my living room, pile by pile, since our session. I have been using my living room again. I can’t remember the last time I had to use the gate to keep my daughter out because the room was too cluttered. So, I’m very happy about that. It was very helpful to have you there to get me moving in the right direction. The task just seemed too overwhelming for me, and you really helped to break it down to a manageable project, so thank you very much.”

“Thank you for your wonderful manner.  You certainly have a great manner for this job.  Your support and encouragement are very helpful.”

“Thanks Janine. Thank you for all of your help these last 2 weeks!! You have made my life more simple and less stressful.”

“You would not believe my front room! Since you mentioned that we don’t have any real living space I was envisioning getting rid of the desk and moving in our small couch. It started a chain reaction… Now I have a much bigger, more spacious room that I never even knew existed. You can see the fireplace, sit on the couch, even dance around, now that it is open and free of most of the clutter. I love it. We still have work to do, but thank you so, so much. It was the best $120 I ever spent. I will definitely call you in the next few months. Thank you for giving me some living space and the peace and hope that goes along with it.”

“Thanks so much for your guidance during the organizing process! I got so much out of working with you. I look forward to having you out again.”

“Janine helped me bring order to my 8 year old son’s room. His collection of toys had taken over every flat service. With her assistance I was able to kick start the project. Then with her advice I was able to lead my son to the finish line. Now I can enter his room and not tip-toe around the Legos. The dog can go in and I’m not chasing her to get a toy out of her mouth. My son has a clean desk to create on and the tools he needs to maintain the order. Priceless! I am an organized person. Having Janine in my home helped me to see more opportunities for clearing clutter. More important. She taught me how to encourage my kids and give them the right tools to organize their stuff/space. Happy! ”

“Janine helped me pack up a variety of household items that needed to be put out of sight for purposes of showing my house to prospective buyers. She also helped me pack up a variety of other household items for donation to a local charity. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been how much better my house will look to prospective buyers. Janine was a pleasure to work with. She was totally flexible with regard to time, securing packing materials, etc. Her suggestions concerning items to pack were extremely helpful.”

It’s been almost a year since I took your Downsizing Class full of good ideas. The downsizing has continued in the 6 months I’ve been here, as I find out what I need, and what fits this space. The most meaningful thing you said is, “Keep what you need for your life now.” You started my journey of evaluating my possessions from an “Is this me now” view.

Turns out the books, music, cooking stuff, and sewing stuff, is me now. The Christmas ornaments were actually the only whimsy in my life. I kept those. I had enough kitchen items duplicated to outfit a new bride and someone leaving a shelter. Five pickup truck loads went to Goodwill and 3 loads to the dump. Gave many things away including furniture. Kept my Fiestaware. Having a photo reminder didn’t do it for me.

I kept only a few photos, gave my son those he wanted, and burned most. It was very liberating. Also burned 50 years of medical records and accumulated papers with social security numbers on them. Who knew that I had saved so many work related papers? Kept all tax returns. Burned the rest. Wow tons of paper – zoosh! It was fun. It also helped with the grieving process.

Bottom line: I am glad that I moved South and downsized. Thank you!

It was so great to work with you! You had so many great ideas and I never would have gotten it done without you.

“Janine helped me put my life back in order. She is not only a very skilled organizer, she has also been a wonderful support system for me. In addition to organizing, Janine is very skilled at designing, crafts, and problem solving. She has helped me with my flower beds, holiday decorations, interior design, packing luggage, etc. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been feeling more peaceful, balanced, and definitely productive! I call Janine my Earth Angel because I honestly feel very grateful and blessed that she is a part of my life. I no longer feel as weighed down by life as I did. She is truly amazing!”

“Your presence has been so calming and I’ve really enjoyed all the tips.”

“Janine came to my home and we worked on cleaning out my closet. So much was accomplished – Janine’s suggestions, style and demeanor were terrific. Her ideas are very helpful and made me realize how much I do not need certain items, or they can be stored in a different location than my closet. I am so thrilled with my newly organized closet – it saves so much time in getting ready for the day. Now I enjoy walking into the closet, picking out what I am going to wear, whether it be for work or otherwise, and not searching or stumbling over various objects. At the end of the day it is also very time saving and I can easily put the clothes, shoes, purses, belts, scarfs, etc., back into their place and it does not make a chore out of it. I cannot thank Janine enough.”

“Janine helped me to go through my entire house and identify areas where there was clutter that should be addressed. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been that I am aware of when I clutter and why, and can clearly identify what I need to do to relieve it.”

Janine was very helpful, calm and professional in helping me to complete a long-overdue clean-out of my closet. During our organizing session, she walked me through the steps – from sorting my clothes into categories, making decisions on what to keep, donate or discard and then helpful tips for organizing the clothes to go back in the closet. It has been a very good feeling to start and complete this process and from previous incomplete attempts, I know that it was very helpful to work with a professional organizer. I recommend Janine’s service to anyone who needs to de-clutter and organize their space.”

“Janine, Just want to thank you for helping me through the muck yesterday. Feels good to have gotten through some/most of that bin. I know I need to let more/maybe all of it go, but it’s a painful process. I guess baby steps are better than no steps. Appreciate your help. Thanks again.”

“Janine helped me organize my basement and get rid of a lot of things that needed to go. I can now finish the job on my own and get the floor painted so the whole place looks clean and what needs to be there can be easily found, used, etc. The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with Janine has been that I know the rest of my house is doable and I will have Janine help me with some of it. She is very motivating and helps with moving anything that is difficult for me. She has good ideas about what to do with some of the discards and she helps keep focus on the project.”

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