Class & Seminar Comments

Janine presenting 2-11-20

The following class comments are quotes taken from written class evaluations.

  • Lots of good ideas! I’m really motivated to get paper organized, other things too but paper is a major problem.
  • Most helpful are the ideas to build good habits and disciplines to battle paper management.
  • Enjoyed the class.
  • Useful and motivational!
  • So glad I came to this class – great information.
  • Janine was very engaging and answered questions.
  • Easy to understand
  • Has great public speaking skills and kept the class on track
  • Enjoyed the entire class; gave informative information and enjoyed class participation
  • Very organized presentation, with clear examples
  • The class was wonderful
  • Great handout. Presentation was well delivered.
  • Information was useful and presented well – interesting and informative
  • Motivating
  • Very personable and clear
  • Helped organize my mind on how to go about de-cluttering.
  • Janine was great and explained things very clearly and simply. I thought that the class was going to intimidate me, but I felt very comfortable.
  • Very informative class
  • Really made me think of ways to improve my skills.
  • I would definitely recommend this class.
  • Great speaker
  • Janine spoke at just the right pace for us to keep up our notes; simplified what so many of us would consider not attainable.
  • Very down to earth and easy to understand
  • Has lots of examples to make her point. She didn’t just talk ‘terms and definitions’.
  • Liked resource list
  • It was very organized and presented well. I can use what I learned in daily life.
  • Class was great, many tips, inspiring
  • Thank you, this evening helped provide ideas & resources.
  • Janine did an excellent job presenting her topic.
  • Comprehensive, clear, good interaction between instructor and students.  Useful information & tips.
  • You have motivated me to get focused and work on organizing my stuff. Thanks for a great class!
  • Pleasant manner and presentation.
  • Organized material covered very well.
  • Thank you for your classes, the insight, and the many options and strategies for downsizing and reducing clutter.
  • Speaker had some solid tips. Good speaker.
  • Very beneficial session.
  • Nice presentation, Janine. I knew you’d pull it off without modern day technology. You are so good at what you do. We couldn’t help but learn something from you.
  • I took part in a zoom webinar through the Franklin Public Library this past week. Janine was very professional and gave a lot of good tips on organizing and de-cluttering. She also attached slides and places to donate your unwanted stuff. It’s worth watching her more than once because there’s always great tips.
  • This exceeded my expectations!
  • Great job and great handout!

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