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Paper Discard List

Discard paper daily. Knowing what paper can be automatically shredded or recycled will motivate you to get rid of paper that has been accumulating. Use the list below as your personal paper discard list.   old shopping lists used envelope expired coupons duplicate documents paper holding information you already know early drafts of something junk […]

Why We Hold Onto Things?

A common discussion I have with  my clients when we’re working together is why they are holding onto something. The more information I can gather about the item in question the easier it is for me to understand “the WHY”. What I’ve discovered over the past 10 years in assisting my clients is that although […]

Get It Done Today

Ask yourself at the beginning of each day, “What is the most important thing for me to get done today?” If the most important thing you have to do today requires more time than you have to devote to it, ask, “What is the first step I can take that will get me closer to […]

10 Years of Organizing

  Celebrating 10 years in business in 2018!   I’m happy to be celebrating 10 years in business.   Here is what I’ve been doing : 258 clients served        14 couples        225 females        19 males 136 classes taught to 1650 individuals      Have you ever heard of Rent Sons? It is […]

Innies or Outies

Have you ever heard the terms innie and outie? If so, you may be looking at your belly button right now, because these words refer to the shape of it. Are you wondering what that has to do with organizing, and why I would write a blog article about it? It’s because a friend of […]