Entries by Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®

Bring in Less

In order to reduce clutter, we need to get rid of more than we bring in. Think like a mathematician, the rate at which we bring things in needs to be less than the rate at which we remove things.   Tips on how to bring in less: Gatekeeper questions 3 clutter buster tips No […]

Let go of Someday

Do you hold onto things because you think you might need them someday? It’s tempting to believe in someday. However, I want you to reconsider and think about these possible scenarios. Someday arrives and… You can’t find that specific item you’ve been holding onto for all these years. It’s not where you thought it was. […]

Best way to decided about clothes

The cool weather of fall is upon us. It’s time to reintroduce sweaters and corduroy pants into our wardrobe. A great way to decided if you’d like to keep the summer clothes you’re packing away is to describe them. Limit your description to one or two adjectives per item. For example, hold up a summer […]

Would You Rather

Would you rather… …wear a banana costume for a complete day (not on Halloween) or strategically remove all your clothes that don’t fit and flatter you? …let go of 5 sentimental thing or let a tarantula crawl up your arm? …thoroughly organize your junk drawer or jump off a high dive? … have oral surgery […]

Could you find me a spoon?

If you invited me into your home could you find me a spoon? Of course, but what about a postage stamp, last year’s W2 form or tweezers? Are those things stored in a place that is easy to locate? Having a designated spot for things is the guiding principle of organization. So, treat every item […]