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10 Not Scary Things to Toss

What can you get rid of?
That is the question I asked myself after reading the article 10Things You Can Toss Without Thinking Twice by Lauren Piro from Good Housekeeping. I realized I thought of a whole list of things to toss without thinking twice. I also realized I wanted to share that list with you.
Does that question scare you?
I’d like to reassure you that the list of things that I came up with isn’t scary. It’s a list of things

Organizing Tricks and Treats

In the spirit of October and Halloween I thought it would be fun to share some organizing tricks and treats. Are you wondering what I mean by that? It means I’ll be sharing some organizing tricks I personally use to help me stay organized on a daily basis, and I’ll be sharing the treats (benefits) […]

Conjure the organizing spirit

When do you feel the most energized and awake? Is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? That answer is when you’ll conjure the most organizing spirit, so use that time to plan your most difficult organizing tasks. Match your tasks to your energy level. By doing this your likelihood of success increases.

Let Go Every Day

Let something go every day. A good way to practice letting go is to do it daily. Here are some ideas to encourage you. Take out containers, utensils, condiment packets, straws, and napkins Junk mail, outdated catalogues, and other papers like this Expired food, old leftovers, stale crackers or chips Pens, markers, highlighters that don’t […]