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File cabinet space savers

Here are three easy ways to clear up space in your file cabinet. Recycle or shred paid utility bills. Get rid of all paid gas, electric, public work, telephone, cable, trash, and water bills that are older than 2 months. Go paperless with all bank, credit card, and financial statements. You’ll be saving trees. Don’t keep […]

5 Easy Steps to Seasonal Clothing Swap

If you’re like me, your closet is tiny and can’t accommodate your complete wardrobe. So we need to preform the seasonal clothing swap. Early spring and fall are when I do my swaps. Steps for spring: Wash winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves and pack away until next winter. Clean and condition winter boots before packing […]

Encourage recycling

If you’d like to encourage yourself and your family to recycle more change your words. Use the word landfill instead of trash. Every time you’re about to throw something out say, “I’m putting this in the landfill.” This small change will make a difference in how you perceive discarded items. Research shows the context of […]

People Matter More

Spending money on the upkeep of our homes is important. Scheduling time to take care of our things is important. As a Professional Organizer I understand the value of order and maintenance. However, the people in our lives matter more. Scheduling quality time with them and spending money on creating valuable experiences with them is more […]