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Best Gift Ideas Ever

Presenting Organizer friendly gift ideas Give experiences and consumables instead of stuff (*** = list of my favorites) Share the gift of live entertainment    A cultural experience to a play or theater***    Tickets to a sporting event    Movie passes or movie night    Tickets to a concert or musical performance Share a gift for the whole […]

But I Might Need That Someday

We’ve all said it. Even me, but not anymore, and after reading this blog you won’t say it either. I’m referring to the phrase, “but I might need that someday“.  It’s a phrase that gets spoken when we think something needs to be kept, despite the fact that it hasn’t been used in a very […]

3 Important Food Dates

Before the holiday season is upon us take time to clean out the pantry and fridge. Product dates come in 3 types according to the FDA. Use these dates as your guideline to keep, donate or toss food. Sell by – tells how long the store can sell foods like meat, poultry, eggs, or milk […]