Entries by Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®

Creating new habits

Use all your senses when creating new habits. Think about it. Speak about it. Write about it. Do it. Example: Create new habit of putting things in their assigned spots when returning home from work. Think about it = Where is the best assigned spot for my coat, purse, shoes, keys, sunglasses, work bag, lunch […]

Trash don’t stash

Have you heard this phrase before, “Trash it don’t stash it!”? It’s great organizing advice that can be applied to both paper and stuff. However, please recycle instead of trash. Here are three blogs that will help you do just that. Paper, what to keep and for how long 10 Things you can automatically get […]

Edit the excess

How much excess did you accumulate during the pandemic? Do you still have cupboards full of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves? If so, consider donating your excess to a homeless shelter, food pantry, senior center, or animal shelter. Then take a long, hard, objective look at any other piles of excess products that […]

Your organizing preference

The way we store, organize, manage, and retrieve stuff is unique to each individual. By paying attention to what works best for us, we realize our organizing preferences. Use these preferences to hone your organizing skills. The image below is an example of 5 different ways to store sweaters. What is your preferred method? Is […]

Daily habits

Mirror daily behaviors to create better daily habits. Where do dirty clothes land? Put a hamper with an open lid right in that spot. Where does your purse land? Put a hook close by so you can hang it up. Where does the mail land? Put a vertical bin there to corral it.