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What lists can do for you

I like lists and use them for a variety of reasons. Lists help me remember things. We all need a memory jogger now and then, and the older I get the more helpful lists are to me. It’s much easier to refer to a list than it is to stress about remembering all the things […]

Monthly de-cluttering challenge

As we start the new year, (Happy 2021!) I’d like to invite you to participate in my monthly de-cluttering challenge. For the month of January, remove 10 things that you have in your home as a result of an impulsive purchase. Some examples of impulse buys are gifts that we never gave, cute items that […]

Gift Giving Questions

When buying gifts there are 3 simple questions you can ask to help determine how the gift will be received. Will this gift we a treasure or burden for the recipient? How practical and useful is this gift? Is this gift going to be difficult to use, assemble, or store? Find some organizer friendly gift […]

How to Create Organized Craft Space

You may already know that I’m an avid scrapbooker. I love creating decorative pages with photos and paper embellishments to highlight my family stories and milestones. I also love sharing my creations with family. They joke around and say I’m a scrapbook pusher, but I know they like looking at them. Thanksgiving or any family […]


Allow yourself to be thankful for the smallest bit of order or organization you have. Small victories can provide so much satisfaction. For example last week when I remembered where I put something for which I’d been searching. Please share your small victories with me.