Organizing Junk Drawers

Tip:  The best way to organize a junk drawer is to follow the guidelines listed below and to use utensil or desk drawer divided trays.  You can find these products at kitchen supply stores, office supply stores, department stores and the Container Store.

  • Keep the junk drawer(s) organized by compartmentalizing the items.
  • Keep like items together in divided compartments.
  • Label the compartments on the bottom of the tray.
  • Don’t allow every drawer you have to be filled with random items that don’t make sense to be stored together.
  • Limit the number of junk drawers you have to one.  If that is not possible, have no more than two.


Organizing with a Maximum Number

Tip:  Choose a maximum number to have on hand and let that be your organizing guideline.  For example:

  • 2 sets of bath towels per person
  • 3 coffee mugs per person
  • 2 sets of sheets per bed
  • 1 kitchen hand towel per day of week
  • 4 open bottles of cleaning products at a time
  • 2 sets of pot holders
  • 1 vacuum per floor
  • 1 opened bar or bottle of soap per sink

Organizing With Labels

Tip:  Use labels to learn and remember the designated home for items.  The label will reinforce the action of putting an item back in it’s designated home.  Use quality labels that are clear and legible.  A label doesn’t have to be just words, especially in a toy room.  You can use stickers, photos, or magazine clippings.

Organizing Mail

Tip:  Fill your mailbox with happy mail by removing yourself from unwanted and junk mailing list.  Try these websites:




Organizing by Use

Tip:  Store items where you use them.  For example, no mater where you read, whether it’s in bed, on the couch, at the kitchen table or in your favorite chair in the den, make space for what you read close to where you read it.