Pocketbook Editing

How often do you go through your pocketbook and get rid of all that can be tossed? Do you wait until you find yourself sifting through a crumpled mess of old receipts and candy wrappers? Do you hold off until your arm gets sore from hefting all that loose change that’s fallen to the bottom […]


Help Veterans Organize

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Rebecca Jennings, Town of North Attleboro, Veteran Service Officer on NorthTV on June 8, 2017 on a show called Veterans’ Forum. The half hour interview is about how I can help Veterans organize. I shared how I help my clients with their organizing, downsizing, and de-cluttering projects. I […]

3D Character and question mark

Keep or Not Keep

If you had to guess the dollar amount of new, unopened items in your home, what would you guess? Don’t count food or paper goods. Count surplus items, unopened gifts, new clothing that hasn’t been worn, backup items, unopened craft items, new shoes that haven’t been worn, unopened tech toys, new books that haven’t been […]

Janine with donation box

Determine, Decide, Dispose

How easy is it for you to get rid of stuff? Deciding what is worth keeping and what needs to go, can be difficult. I follow a three step confirming process. These three steps help me confirm what I have, and decide what I need, use, and want. The first step is to determine what […]

Exit Strategy

Do you have a plan for getting rid of stuff? If you did, would you get rid of more stuff? I have found that having a plan for getting rid of stuff helps me keep control of all the things I bring into my space. I call this plan an exit strategy, and it helps […]