Janine with donation box

Determine, Decide, Dispose

How easy is it for you to get rid of stuff? Deciding what is worth keeping and what needs to go, can be difficult. I follow a three step confirming process. These three steps help me confirm what I have, and decide what I need, use, and want. The first step is to determine what […]

Exit Strategy

Do you have a plan for getting rid of stuff? If you did, would you get rid of more stuff? I have found that having a plan for getting rid of stuff helps me keep control of all the things I bring into my space. I call this plan an exit strategy, and it helps […]

The Best Organizing Product In The World

During my organizing classes, I often ask the class, “What is the best organizing product in the world?” This question grabs their attention. They stop what their doing, and look up. I see a question in their eyes, and hear it on the tips of their tongues, “What?” They really want to know. Their curiosity […]


Why I love being a Professional Organizer

Part of growing up is figuring out what we’re good at. We use our acquired skills and talents to find our place in the world. After being told by several people that I was good at organizing, I was able to admit that to myself. However, it took a while longer to realize that I […]


Organize Greeting Cards

My family is large, and I send over 100 greeting cards a year. If we include the Christmas cards I send each year, the number is close to 200. That’s a lot of greeting cards to organize, and a lot of time spent sending cards. I know, but I like doing it. It allows me […]