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Goodwill Donation Tips

A group of my fellow NAPO-New England (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) members and I went on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, Boston. We learned about its mission, to help individuals with barriers to self-sufficiency, achieve independence and dignity through work. We learned about its origin. It was established by a Boston minister in 1895 but no longer has a religious affiliation. We learned about its efficiency as a community-based nonprofit. In 2022, $.89 of every dollar spent went to programs that helped transfer lives. We also witnessed first-hand how they effectively process their 680,000 individual donations. Needless to say the tour was very informative and educational. It left me with a greater understanding of what happens to donated goods, and an appreciation for all the excellent work this nonprofit does.

Donation Tips:

  • Goodwill accepts gently-used goods in usable condition. Goods and clothing need to be washed and clean, void of pet hair and smoke. Goodwill does not clean or launder anything.
  • Clothes can have slight rips, small stains, or missing buttons as long as it’s clean. Goodwill inspectors sort through the donations. It takes them  3 seconds to evaluate each piece. The damaged items get sold in bulk to textile recycle companies.
  • Bag clothing donations rather than box them.
  • Take shoes out of their original boxes unless they are brand new.
  • They only accept new-in-package underwear and toys.
  • Gently used bras and socks are acceptable.

For more details and donation guidelines visit their website.

Tour of Goodwill

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