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Shopping Guidelines

10 years in business
in 2018!
I apologize for not sending out a newsletter in July. I was traveling and the summer just flew by. However, I did write some blog articles that you may find inspiring and interesting. Please see below.   
Recent Blog Articles:
Question:  Have you ever experimented with minimalism? Please share.
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Hi  ,
      How are you? Can you believe it is already the end of October? Summer has come and gone, and once again we are gearing up for a cold, snowy New England winter. Time marches on and with winter comes the gift-giving-season. Are you ready? Would you like to do things a bit differently this year? If so, I have a few organizer friendly shopping guidelines.
  1. Make a list and check it twice (like Santa).
  2. Set limits on number of gifts to give each person and dollars to spend per person.
  3. Always shop with your list and have a specific purpose for each purchase.
  4. Buy gifts that get used up instead of things that take up space. A few examples are bubble bath, art and craft supplies, and sweet treats.
  5. Use technology as a gift-giving inspiration and acquire downloads of books, movies, and games.
  6. Purchase gifts of experience like movie passes, sporting event tickets, zoo memberships, concert tickets, and ice cream shoppe gift cards.
  7. Check out my list of clutter-free gift giving ideas.
  8. Store gifts in one spot, so you can easily see what has been purchased.
  9. Update your list each time you make a purchase.
  10. Schedule time to wrap gifts so you don’t have to stay up till 3:00AM the night before the big holiday.
 If you have other shopping guidelines that have worked for you in the past, please share them with me.

Giving Resources

Looking to clear out some stuff before adding more during the holidays?

Here are a few giving options for toys:

  1. Cradles to Crayons helps families and children in need.
  2. Project Smile works with police and fire departments
  3. Daycare centers
  4. Domestic and homeless shelters
  5. Children’s Homes
  6. Social Services
  7. Hospitals and doctor’s offices
Here are two on-line giving communities:
  1. FreeCycle
  2. Buy Nothing

Happy 2018!
I’m truly grateful for you and your support of me and my business. Thanks for helping me make it to my ten year anniversary. Wishing you all the best in the final two months of 2018 and a happy and safe holiday season!

Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®
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If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, I’d be grateful for a review.  Simply click on this link and answer 3 questions.  Thank you and happy organizing!
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Letting Go

Helpful Organizer BlogLetting go of things can be stressful and difficult, especially if they hold some sentimental value. We tend to hold onto things that remind us of precious people and moments from our past. A few years ago I was helping a client organize her bedroom, and we came across some dried, brittle, dusty, yellowed flowers in a vase. She explained that it was her dried wedding bouquet, and she wanted to keep it. I asked her to pause for a moment and tell me objectively what she saw. She did. I then asked to tell me about other mementos she had from her wedding day. When she was finished she understood what I was getting at and said “I think I can let the flowers go.” She understood that although her wedding flowers were an important part of her wedding day, now they were just dust collectors. Since she had other more meaningful mementos from her wedding day, as well as photos of the flowers when they were vibrant and beautiful, she could let go of the brittle, dusty, yellowed version. By taking a moment to look and think objectively we can all make better choices about letting go.

Here are 7 options for letting go that will help you keep the memories but not the stuff.

  1. Keep only the best of photographs, artwork & hand-made crafts to bring greater value to the memory.
    • Set limits (container limit or quantity limit)
    • Set criteria (most meaningful, most representative of personality)
    • Go digital with photos, memorabilia, artwork
    • Share and send photos to family/friends
  2. Keep part of a set or collection: china, glass items, collectables, furniture, nick-knacks & tchotchkes, holiday decorations & decor to bring ease to maintenance.
    • Get items appraised to understand valueplanters made from recycled goblets
    • Set limits (keep half, the best 3, most memorable)
    • Establish a specific place for display or specific use
    • Reduce what you keep (just signatures on greeting cards, every 5th year of journals)
  3. Get creative, re-purpose or reuse to bring new life to items.
    • Re-purpose dishes and stemware as planters or jewelry holders
    • Re-purpose china to make jewelry or mosaic art pieces
    • Reuse fabric from items to make quilts, pillows, teddy bears, mittens, bags, Christmas stockings or other items
    • Use paper items to make place-mats, wrapping paper, greeting cards
  4. Take photos and videos to preserve visually and digitally.
    • Create digital scrapbooks to share the memories and storiesChristmas stocking made from old quilt
    • Use as a screen saver on computer or phone
    • Consolidate images into collages
  5. Share and document story of item to preserve memory.
    • Use on-line digital options to share stories and photos
    • Share stories and memories of items verbally at family gatherings
    • Star in a video sharing stories and memories of family heirlooms
  6. Find worthy recipient to ease guilty feelings.
    • Search on line for specific worthwhile charities
    • Ask family, friends, and social media connections for willing recipients
    • Accept that we may not be able to find the perfect recipient and let it go believing the next owner will cherish it
  7. Experiment and practice letting go.

©September 2018  Janine Cavanaugh, Certified Professional Organizer®

10 years in business

10 Years of Organizing

10 years in business
in 2018!

I’m happy to be celebrating 10 years in busin
Here is what I’ve been doing :
258 clients served
       14 couples
       225 females
       19 males
136 classes taught to 1650 individuals  
 Have you ever heard of
Rent Sons? It is an employment option that helps you rent young adults to do the work you wish your kids would do. You can search your local area to see if there is one in your neighborhood.
Question:  What organizing books have you read? Please share.
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Hi  ,

      Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 is off to a good start. For me, January 2018 marks my 10th anniversary in business, and I’d like to take this time to thank all those who have helped me achieve this milestone.
      First of all I’d like to thank my clients both current and past. I’m impressed with your strength and courage to do what’s necessary to achieve your organizing goals. I am grateful for your trust in my ability to help you do that.
      Secondly, I’d like to thank all those who have taken one or more of my classes or attended a presentation. I appreciate your faith in my knowledge and expertise. I must also mention those groups and organizations who have asked me to teach or present. I’m grateful that you provided me with opportunities to share and teach on organizing topics that are relevant and significant.
      Thirdly, I’d like to thank the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals for providing me with opportunities to become certified, to educate myself, to strengthen my skills, to gather valuable resources, and to connect with other Organizers.
      Lastly I’d like to thank those who have supported me in business, both personally and professionally. In addition to all the individual supporters, two organizations who deserve mention are the Women’s Business Network of Southeastern MA and the United Regional Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for your support throughout these 10 years.
      Although there is more gratitude I could express, I wanted to conclude by saying how sincerely grateful I am that my business has allowed me to facilitate positive change in my own life and the lives of others. Thank you all!

Increase in Minimum Hours
My appointment minimum is increasing to two and a half (2.5) hours for clients within 30 miles from North Attleboro, MA and three and a half (3.5) hours for clients beyond 30 miles as of February 1, 2018.

Recycle Resource
Finding new ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce for myself and my clients, makes me happy. Everyone is more motivated to get rid of something when they know it is going to someone who will really use it. I wanted to share a few of my most used donation locations in the hopes that you’ll be motivated to get rid of some stuff and donate.
1385 South Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA
They accept clothing, shoes, accessories, books, DVDs, CDs, Software, household items, bed & bath items, small appliances, furniture.
Indie Cycle, LLC
Electronic waste collection in RI and southern MA.
Drop Boxes for clothing, linens, fabric, sleeping bags, stuffed toys, any textiles in any condition.
Locations at Plainville, Wrentham and other area schools.Old Colony Habitat for Humanity ReStore
9 Washington Street, Attleboro, MA 02703
They accept new and used building materials, appliances and furniture, and more.

Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®
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If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, I’d be grateful for a review.  Simply click on this link and answer 3 questions.  Thank you and happy organizing!
Save 10%
Help me celebrate my 10 year anniversary! Use this coupon yourself or share it with someone you know. Receive 10% off one organizing appointment that is between 2.5 and 4 hours in duration, booked before February 17, 2018.
Offer Expires: February 17, 2018

Help Veterans Organize

Helpful Organizer BlogI was thrilled to be interviewed by Rebecca Jennings, Town of North Attleboro, Veteran Service Officer on NorthTV on June 8, 2017 on a show called Veterans’ Forum. The half hour interview is about how I can help Veterans organize. I shared how I help my clients with their organizing, downsizing, and de-cluttering projects. I provide tips on how to start an organizing project, and how to use a five step process to get organized. I also share some helpful resources for donating and getting rid of stuff. It was exciting to be on my local TV channel. The interview can be viewed on YouTube. Want to see?

I am offering to help Veterans organize their homes in 2017. The offer is ten (10) complimentary hours of organizing with me, Janine Cavanaugh, CPO® ($600.00 value). For more information please email me.

©June 2017  Janine Cavanaugh, Certified Professional Organizer®  All Rights Reserved

Organizing Humor

Busines card colors
Side Notes:

***  One thing that I like to do is take and share photos. Do you? How many photos do you think you have?  Research says that most families have about 60,000 photos on 5 or more devices. If you are feeling overwhelmed about organizing your photos, I can help with small projects, but the two companies listed below have experts that can help you organize, scan, and manage any number of photos on any number of devices.

Visit their website.

***  Question:  Do you have any funny organizing stories?  Please share.


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 Hope all is well with you. Are you enjoying 2017 so far? It seems like the year is flying by. I’m okay with that, because I have a fun summer trip planned. So, I’m excited that it is now only 2 months away. What about you, any plans?


What makes you laugh?

Actually, I just got back from a trip. I was in Pittsburgh, PA for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Conference. I attended some inspiring sessions. One that I really liked was about brain clutter and how laughter can help. That gave me the idea to share some organizing cartoons with you. I hope you laugh, or at least, chuckle a little.





Recycle Resource

Finding new ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce for myself and my clients, makes me happy. Everyone is more motivated to get rid of something when they know it is going to someone who will really use it.

This is why I was happy to find Free Cycle. It’s a nonprofit movement that encourages people to reuse. The idea is to keep good, usable stuff out of landfills. It is an online community where people give and get stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers and membership is free. Check it out.


Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®
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If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, I’d be grateful for a review.  Simply click on this link and answer 3 questions.  Thank you and happy organizing!