Asking for Organizing Help

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m a  plumber in need of a plumber”?  One of my clients made this reference to me.  She felt that she had some organizing skills and knowledge, but she needed to call me in to help her get the job done.  Do you ever feel that way?  You just want some help getting the job done!  If so, it’s okay to ask for help and get help when you need it.  Just ask me, this is how I can help.

1.  I’ll help you get the project started.

2.  I’ll help you plan out the project.

3.  I’ll help you break the project into managable steps.

4.  I’ll help  you schedule time to get it done.
5.  I’ll offer non-judgemental input and practical solutions.

Cal me for a complimentary phone consultation, 508-699-6652.  I’ll be happy to help you get the job done.



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