Intangible Gifts

I compiled a list to offer as an alternative to giving ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ for the holidays. Let’s face it who really needs more ‘stuff’ that others choose for us? What about the children in our lives, do they really need more ‘things’, and do you really want to make more space in your home for all those ‘things’? As a way to reduce clutter and eliminate waste, I’d like to suggest intangible or consumable gifts for the holidays.

Intangible & Consumable Gift Ideas © Janine Cavanaugh, Professional Organizer

Restaurant and coffee shop gift certificates
Food or beverage gift baskets
Tickets to a concert, sporting event, play or show
Movie passes
Gift certificates for a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure
Flowers, floral arrangement, or live wreath
Memberships to a fitness center, gym or the YMCA
Phone card or phone minutes
Passes to a museum, zoo or aquarium
Donations to a charity in receiver’s name
Game or movie rentals
Gifts of your time to a senior relative
Day pass to a spa
Home made coupons for baby sitting, household chores, or together time
Plans for a weekend get away
Grocery store gift cards
Utility or heating bill assistance to someone in need
Behind the scenes adventures at an aquarium or zoo
Firewood or fire starters
Homemade goodies or preserves
Ski lift tickets
Passes for bowling, indoor golf, or paint ball
Art, music, or dance lessons
Edible arrangements
Household goods basket with detergent, soap, sponges, etc.
Music downloads
Gas station gift cards
Calendars or date books
Bath and shower products
Perfume or makeup
Cologne or shaving products
Chocolate or candy

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