Repurpose & Organize

I’m often asked by a potential clients if they can purchase any organizing products in preparation of our work appointment. My answer is usually no. (The exception is when we’re working in a brand new space.) The reason for my “no” answer, is that in the process of organizing we uncover, discover, locate, unearth, and […]

Organizing Process

You may have heard the phrase that organizing is a process, not a task.  What does that mean exactly?  A process involves more than one step, for example doing the laundry.  A process also involves three distinct phases, planning, doing, and follow-up. A task, on the other hand, is completed in one step, for example […]

Organizing Mail

Do you ignore the the daily acts of collecting, sorting, and processing the mail?  Dose it go away?  No!  It just keeps piling up.  I find that a routine helps me keep the mail organized and prevents piles from forming. My mail routine:  Sort into my mail vs. my husband’s mail (he gets to open […]

tiny house key

Daily Organizing

Upon returning home from getting my hair cut, I realized how many little things I organized.  I can name 10 steps I took:   Hung up my keys   Hung up my coat   Put my gloves and hat away   Took of my boots and put them on the mat   Put my pocketbook […]

Ketchup & White Out

It’s February and 2014 is in full swing.  Is it getting a bit busy with commitments, activities, projects, obligations and responsibilities?  Is your calendar overstuffed?  Do you have too many obligations and not enough time to get it all done?  I have a suggestion, leave space for ketchup and white out on your calendar. Ketchup […]