Save Time

Do you feel that being organized could save time?  When I ask this question in the classes I teach on organizing, everyone says, “yes”.  They go on to say that one of the major time saving benefits of being organized is being able to find what they want when they need it.  They feel that […]

Clutter Aerobics

Have you ever heard the term clutter aerobics?  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  For some, I’m sure the term evokes two of their least favorite things, clutter and aerobics.  For me, it evokes a desire to crank Katy Perry on iTunes and take action.  Clutter aerobics is when you set the timer for 20 minutes and […]

Organizing is a Skill

I’m often asked, “How come some people are so much better at organizing than others?  Is there an organizing gene?”  I’m happy to say that there is no organizing gene.  Organizing is a skill, and just like other skills, some people are better at learning it than others.  For example, typing, speaking a foreign language, […]

Back to School Organizing Tips

It’s back to school time.  Did you promise yourself that this year would be different?  Did you say you were going to come up with a plan to manage all the school papers and homework?  Did you have a great idea for organizing school lunches and backpacks?  What about homework? It can be difficult to […]

Repurposing Containers

Would you consider purchasing containers as the “fun” part to organizing?  You wouldn’t be alone.  Containers are multifunctional and practical.  They serve important functions in organizing.  They provide boundaries for stuff.  They hold and keep like items together.  They prevent pieces and parts from getting lost or misplaced. I recommend being creative and resourceful when […]