Happy Earth Day

I wanted to share some eco-friendly habits that I’ve personally initiated in the past few years.  I added them gradually to my life, so they didn’t seem drastic or overwhelming.  Maybe you’ve done the same or something similar.  Please share.  If you’d like more details, please just ask.
Eco-Friendly Habits:
1.  Recycle more – it’s so easy to do, especially since my town offers all-in-one curbside weekly
 pick up.
2.  Stopped buying water bottles.  Instead I use  Tupperware refillable bottles.
3.  Stopped buying paper napkins.  Instead I use cloth napkins.  My nieces and nephews love it, and it’s usually their first exposure to cloth napkins.
4.  Use reusable shopping bags more often.  I used to just use them at the grocery store.  Now I use them everywhere, when I remember, but the more I do it the more I remember.
5.  Use reusable produce bags.
6.  Stopped buying saran wrap.  Hate the stuff.  Instead I use my reusable produce bags.
7.  Started a compost bin.  I purchased it from my town hall.
8.  Use rain barrels.  I also purchased them from my town hall.
9.  Use the water that collects in my de-humidifier to water my plants.

10.  Use on-line bill pay and went paperless with as many bills and statements that I could.

Some times it’s the little things that have the most impact.
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