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Compare instead of decide

When deciding what to keep and what not to keep, compare two items at a time. Do you like this item more than that item? Which one do I use more? Wear more? Feel better about?

Other helpful tips:

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Keep only your favorites

Identify your favorite things and make space to enjoy those things. This will probably require the removal of unused, outdated, and unwanted stuff. By reducing those possessions, your favorite things have breathing room, and you have less to organize and maintain.

Here are a few suggestions:

How many is enough?

Use instead of store

There is a distinction between using things and storing things. One signifies action and the other signifies stockpiling. For example, using up the big jug of laundry detergent you bought vs. storing the 5 jugs of laundry detergent you bought. Which situation requires less effort to organize and maintain? Go with that one!

Less is more in 2024

Happy New Year!
Wishing you an organized, productive, and joyful year. What do you have planned for 2024? Do you make new year’s intentions, resolutions, or goals? Here are a few of mine.

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Donating Media

Have you ever wondered if your old VHS tapes had any value? Are you holding on to CDs but no longer have a player? Do you want to donate DVDs but aren’t sure where to do so? Well, you’re not alone. These are questions I get asked all the time.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • CDs and DVDs can still be donated to Goodwill and Savers. Donate them if they’re in good condition with no scratches and in their original case. If they are scratched, consider donating them to an art school, an up-cycle artist, or crafter.
  • Most VHS tapes are not accepted for donation, but some are still donate-able, especially Disney. Call Goodwill, Savers or Salvation Army before donating them to see if they’re interested in the ones you want to get rid of. If you’re ambitions and want to do some on-line research you may be able to sell some old VHS tapes. They can be sold on-line via Facebook Yard sale, Ebay, or other avenues.
  • However, no resale stores take cassette tapes. You can offer them up for free on-line via Freecycle or Buy Nothing, but if you don’t want to put in the effort, they just go in the trash.

You may want to call your local Staples or Best Buy store to see if they’ll recycle any of these items. I know the Staples in Attleboro recycles CDs and DVDs. Hope that helps.