How to Tackle Clean Out Projects

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I look forward to spring every year. It makes me smile to see tiny new buds on the trees, pretty spring flowers in bloom, and hear the songbirds chirping. It also makes me smile when spring motivates people to tackle organizing and clean out projects.

How to Tackle a Clean Out Project


Do you have a clean out project that you want to tackle? To me, clean out projects are different than organizing projects, because the goal is to get rid of all the stuff that has been collecting in a storage area. It can be an attic that is overstuffed, a basement that you want to make into a usable space, or a shed that you can’t fit one more thing into?

Are you procrastinating? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the project? Are you not sure where or how to begin? I’d like to help you by sharing some tips on how to tackle a clean out project.

Clean Out Tips:
1. Make plans to set time aside to tackle your project. Recruit helpers. Think about how you want the space to look at the end of the project.
2. Schedule 3 hours of your time and treat it like a doctor’s appointment that can’t be rescheduled without a large fee. Stay focused and avoid distractions during your scheduled work time. If you need several, 3 hour time slots, plan ahead so you don’t get stuck with an unfinished project.
3. Start by sorting items into six different piles; keep, donate, recycle, sell, give/return, and trash. Use bins, bags, or sections of the space to sort items into. Label each pile clearly.
 4. Once everything is sorted tackle the keep pile. Organized what you are keeping by designating a specific home for all the items going back into the space.
5. Address all the other piles and schedule time to donate, recycle, sell, give/return, and trash the remaining items.
6. Compliment yourself on a job well done. Thank your helpers.
7. Schedule a follow up in this same space; 6 months is a good time frame.
8. Schedule your next clean out project.Share your clean out project results with me.

Recycle Resource

Finding new ways to recycle, for myself and my clients, makes me happy. Everyone is more motivated to get rid of something when they know it is going to someone who is truly in need.

Another incentive is when you know that you are helping local organizations in your own community. I visited
The Hometown Saver Store in North Attleboro for the first time this week. They are a new thrift store with an interesting twist. They give back a portion of their sales to 5 local organizations, North Attleboro Animal Shelter, Veterans of North Attleboro, Lenore’s Food Pantry, Council on Aging, and North Attleboro Schools. What an interesting concept.
They accept clothing, house hold items, books, electronics, toys, jewelry, furniture, and more. For more details visit their website. It’s a great time to do some spring cleaning, and support local organizations.

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