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Helpful Organizer Newsletter – July 2014
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Hi  Janine,

Happy summer!  I hope you’ve been able to enjoy this lovely summer weather that we’ve been having.  My organizing clients have been keeping me pretty busy this summer, but I was able to squeeze in a vacation.  I just returned from a trip to Canada, where I caught a rainbow in Niagara Falls.  If you’ve never been to see these magnificent falls, I definitely recommend it.

Large Family

Niagara Falls was one of our vacation destinations, and Toronto, Canada was another.  I have a sister who lives up there.  You may or may not know that I have several sisters.  In fact, I come from a very large family.  (If you’d like to know just how large, email me and I’ll share the double digit number with you.)Growing up in a large family taught me many valuable organizing lessons.  I’d like to share some with you.

Lessons Learned:
1.  Be responsible for your own stuff, because it could easily get lost in the shuffle.
2.  Make room for what’s important, because there isn’t enough space for surplus or unnecessary things.
3.  Everyone has to pitch in and do their share, because one Mom (no mater how super) can’t do it all, and shouldn’t have to.
4.  Put things back where you found them, because the next person who needs it, will want to be able to find it.
5.  Accumulating more than you need or use isn’t possible, because there is no room.

I’d be happy to hear the organizing lessons you’ve learned from your family.  Please share.


Janine Cavanaugh, CPO®

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