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Staying organized during the holidays

5 Helpful tips on how to stay organized during the holidays

  1. Write everything down. Make shopping list, to do list, mailing list, decorations list, meal list. Getting it out of your head really does help.
  2. Delegate tasks to others and allow them to do it their way. Examples are household chores, grocery shopping, trips to the post office.
  3. Simplify and reduce to save time. Bag gifts instead of wrapping them. Put up minimal decorations. Reduce your gift exchange list and your charitable donation list.
  4. Hire someone else to clean.
  5. Give experiences instead of things.

People Matter More

Organizing tipSpending money on the upkeep of our homes is important. Scheduling time to take care of our things is important. As a Professional Organizer I understand the value of order and maintenance. However, the people in our lives matter more. Scheduling quality time with them and spending money on creating valuable experiences with them is more important. Devote energy and resources to both.

The gift of time

Organizing tipDid you know, on average, people take 3 times longer to finish a task than they had planned. So, give yourself the gift of time this holiday season. Time to organize. Time to declutter. Time to enjoy life.

Busy work

Organizing tipSave busy work until the end of the day. It can be tempting to get the busy work out of the way, but you’ll be more productive if you address top priority items first, while fresh and full of energy. Devote time and energy to completing the most important and urgent items then take care of busy work.

Ketchup & White Out

ketchup_bottle_2white-out-bottleIt’s February and 2014 is in full swing.  Is it getting a bit busy with commitments, activities, projects, obligations and responsibilities?  Is your calendar overstuffed?  Do you have too many obligations and not enough time to get it all done?  I have a suggestion, leave space for ketchup and white out on your calendar.

Ketchup = time on your calendar to catch up
White out = time on your calendar that is intentionally whited out with no appointments or obligations

This is a helpful tool that reminds us that it’s important to purposefully  leave open pockets of time on our calendar, because this provides us with time to catch up to the fast pace of life.  By leaving blank time on our calendar, we give ourselves time to pause, breath, reflect, and organize.  Who doesn’t need that?


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