The Best Organizing Product In The World

Helpful Organizer BlogDuring my organizing classes, I often ask the class, “What is the best organizing product in the world?” This question grabs their attention. They stop what their doing, and look up. I see a question in their eyes, and hear it on the tips of their tongues, “What?” They really want to know. Their curiosity is peaked. After a brief pause, I tell them, “The one you will use.” The response is usually a universal, “OH!”

Many of us buy bins, containers, organizing tools, and products that never get used. We convince ourselves that these products are the things we need to make the magic happen. We purchase the items with the best intention, to get organized, but that doesn’t happen. Why do these items end up collecting dust in the back of the closet?

Usually, because they aren’t a good fit for our situation. So, what would make them a good fit? Here are some criteria to use:

  • Make sure the product is the correct size, shape, and dimension.
  • Make sure the product saves time and effort, and doesn’t add unnecessary steps to the process.
  • Make sure the product is convenient to use, not cumbersome, flimsily, or difficult to use.
  • Make sure the product is easy to take out and put away.
  • Make sure the product is used.

Having an organizing product that is just right for the job is very helpful. However, a bit of sorting, planning, and product testing may be needed before the purchasing happens. Here are some things to do before spending any money:

  • Create some order by sorting and reducing before purchasing.
  • Measure before purchasing.
  • Use a box that’s around the house to test out the effectiveness of the solution before purchasing.
  • Ask yourself if you’ve tried something like this before and if it worked, before purchasing.
  • Have the product be part of the organizing process and test that process, before purchasing.

Having the right organizing product can make a world of difference. Here are two examples:

I like my makeup holder vs. a makeup bag.

cosmetics organized










I like my utensil holder vs. having everything loose in drawer.

junk drawer










What organizing products do you like? Please share with me.

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