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Spring Cleaning

smile bucketBy combining efforts of organizing and spring cleaning the benefits will be twofold. Here are four ways you can combine your efforts.

1. While you’re getting out your spring and summer clothes purge those items that you didn’t wear last year and any items that are a bit too snug.  Donate to a local charity or look into a consignment shop.
2. While getting out your grilling tools and uncovering your grill,  weed out and pare down your recipes and cookbooks.   Pick a number and only save that many, and make a vow not to print any more from the internet.
3. While tackling your spring yard work, sort through your lawn and garden tools. Get rid of rusty tools and duplicates. Keep only the ones that you really use.
4. While airing out the house, sort through your linens. You only need three sets of sheets per bed and three sets of towels per person. Donate any extra to an animal shelter.

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