Getting married?

Organizing tipWhen getting married and combining households it’s important to eliminate duplicates. Getting rid of unnecessary duplicate items helps improve organization, function, and efficiency. A few recommendations to help eliminate duplicate items are:
Keep 2 sets of potholders
Keep 10 kitchen dish towels
Keep 3 sets of sheets per bed
Keep 4 coffee mugs per coffee drinker
Keep 2 water bottles per person
Keep 3 sets of bath towels per person
Keep 1 waste basket per room
Keep 1 identical appliances (coffee maker, food processor, vacuum)
Keep 1 basket of pet toys

Declutter First, Organize Second

Organizing tipTo declutter is to remove mess, piles, and clutter. To organize is to mindfully place things in a specific spot in order to find them when they are needed.  If we attempt to organize before we declutter we waste time organizing things we no longer use or want. It is always more efficient to declutter first, and organize second.

Schedule Down Time

Organizing tipAre you feeling like there is no time for organizing? Are the days flying by and the clutter piling up? One way the take control is to schedule down time. An easy way to do this is to make sure you and your family have only a maximum of four nights out per week. Schedule 3 or more nights at home and one of those nights reclaiming order.

Chart of Organizng Flow
organized cabinet

What’s Inside?

Organizing tip

If I asked you to list all the items inside the kitchen cabinet under the sink. Could you? How accurate would your list be to the actual contents? What about other cabinets and drawers in your kitchen? If you can’t answer what’s inside, it’s time to organize. Follow these 3 steps.
3 steps to organizing process


Undone Things

Organizing tip

It’s not the things we do that make us tired; it’s the things left undone that wear us out. So write those undone things down. Make a list. Prioritize it. Then tackle one thing from the list a day or a week depending on how big the project is.