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I was on TV. It was only a local cable TV show, but it was still a trill. The show was the Veteran’s Forum where I shared how I help individuals get and stay organized. Want to see the half hour interview?

***  Have you ever heard of Facebook Yard Sale? It is an on-line community for selling items. You can search your local area to see if there is one in your neighborhood. You do have to have a Facebook account.

***  Question:  Do you consign anything? If so, what and where? Please share.


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How are you enjoying your summer? Hope all is well with you. I mentioned in my last newsletter that I was excited for my big summer trip. My husband and I went on a South African Safari. It was truly amazing! The baby rhinos and giraffe were adorable. Our elephant encounter, where we touched and fed them, was the highlight of my trip. I enjoyed everything but the 15 hour flight (one way). If you’d like more detail, I’d be happy to share some of my 1600 photos. I was definitely shutter happy!

  Focus on Editing

While working with clients, much of our focus is on editing. I define editing as the process of evaluating what we have, and getting rid of stuff that no longer serves us. To assist in this process I’ve written several blog articles. Here are a few I thought you’d find helpful.

In my personal life I’ve also been focusing on editing. I donate as much as I can, but I’ve also used consignment shops for items that fit the requirements. Below are clothing and product-based consignment shops I’ve used with success.

Twice the Diva in North Attleboro, MA

Consignments on the Common (also known as Let’s Consign) in Foxboro, MA

Thrifty Witch in Bellingham, MA
Recycle Resource

Finding new ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce for myself and my clients, makes me happy. Everyone is more motivated to get rid of something when they know it is going to someone who will really use it. At New Life they do just that.

One of my class attendees told me about New Life Home Refurnishing, this great resource is in Walpole, MA. It is a charitable organization that accepts tax-deductible donations of furniture and household items, warehouses them, and then makes them available at no charge to those in need. You can’t get more worthy than that. Please consider New Life the next time you have something to donate.


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If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, I’d be grateful for a review.  Simply click on this link and answer 3 questions.  Thank you and happy organizing!
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