Why I love being a Professional Organizer

Helpful Organizer BlogPart of growing up is figuring out what we’re good at. We use our acquired skills and talents to find our place in the world. After being told by several people that I was good at organizing, I was able to admit that to myself. However, it took a while longer to realize that I could make a career out of my organizing skills. I’m happy that I did, because I love being a Professional Organizer.

Working individually with my clients and helping them solve their organizing issues and challenges is very rewarding to me. I like that each situation is unique and requires problem-solving collaboration between me and my client. Together we find workable organizing solutions. Those solutions don’t have to be huge. They have to be DOABLE. However, finding doable solutions is only part of the reason I love being a Professional Organizer. The other part is the gratitude that gets bestowed on me from my clients. Sometimes it is the littlest changes that make the biggest impact. I love when I’m thanked for those small but influential changes. For example:

  • I suggested placing a tray under the toaster so the crumbs wouldn’t get all over the cupboard each time it was taken out and put away. My client called me a genius.
  • I suggested removing closet doors that never stayed shut. My client called me brilliant.
  • After sitting with my client for support, while she made a few difficult phone calls, she called me her earth angel.
  • I suggested changing the orientation of the dish drying rack for easier fit and use. My client called me amazing.
  • I was told I had MAD skills when I kept track of details and sent reminders.

I love being a Professional Organizer, and I’m grateful for my clients. They make me feel so appreciated, gifted, smart, and blessed.

Do you love what you do? Please share with me.

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