Clutter Free Gift Ideas

giftDo you like giving and receiving gifts? It can be fun, meaningful, and heartwarming.  Unfortunately, it can also make our home feel like it’s bursting at the seams with toys, clothes, and electronics.  After the gift giving season is over do you dread having to make room for all that stuff?  Do you detest having to shift things around, box things up, move things to the basement, or get rid of things, just to fit comfortably in your home once again?  Would it be nice if you could avoid all that?  I have 25 organizer friendly gift ideas that concentrate on giving and receiving consumables and experiences, not stuff.  Therefore, you won’t have to struggle with all that stuff, you can just make plans with family and friends and enjoy.

25 Organizer Friendly, Clutter Free Gift Ideas

  1.  A cultural experience to a play, performance, or theater
  2.  An adventure or fun family outing
  3.  Activities, clubs, classes, or lessons
  4. A day pass, membership or special program at a zoo or aquarium
  5.  A useful automobile related gift like car washing or detailing
  6.  A helpful housework booster
  7.  Tickets to a sporting event
  8.  Movie passes or movie night
  9.  Salon treatment or spa day
  10.  Gifts of time or a financial contribution
  11.  Food in one form or another
  12.  Donation to charity in recipient’s name
  13.  Fitness Membership or classes
  14.  Books or music for electronic devices
  15.  Tickets to a concert or musical performance
  16.  Involvement in nature clubs, groups or organizations
  17.  Shopping for charity
  18.  Membership or passes to a museum
  19.  Gifts of your time and memories
  20.  Small acts of kindness
  21.  Volunteering at a local food bank, homeless shelter, hospital, etc.
  22.  A small dose of nature like cut flowers, floral arrangements, or live wreath
  23.  Assistance for necessities to homeless, seniors, or anyone in need
  24.  Count your blessings and share them with friends and family
  25.  Gift certificate for my services

If you have other clutter free gift ideas please share them with me.


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