Donation Challenge – Part 2

putting donations in carBeing pleased with myself for not giving into the temptation to donate items that belonged to my husband, I shared my mini triumph with my him.  I asked him if he thought he could do it, get rid of 10 things.  He said, “Easily!”  So, he went through his CD collection and picked out 15 CDs to donate.  Humm!  Was that an easy way out?
Easy or not, I was pleased.  I wanted to capitalize on his generous state.  I wanted to test our limits.  I started asking about particular items that I knew we haven’t used in several years, like the 3 tennis rackets that we made a specific home for in the garage.  Would we be willing to part with them, especially since this fundraiser is for such a good cause (H.O.P.E. Program of Boston Children’s Hospital)?  Yes!  What I’ve learned from my clients is, that, it’s easier to part with something when you know it’s for a good cause.
Once I realized his willingness to donate, we quickly thought of more items of which we could let go.  I was careful to get his approval on anything that I considered joint property.  Our pile soon grew to 50 denote-able items, listed below.

Item 11 – 25 =  fifteen CDs, moved all music wanted to save to computer
Item 26 – 28 =  three tennis rackets, admitted we’d never play again
Item 29 – 32 =  four pot holders, decided 10 is too many
Item 33 & 34 =  two canisters not being used
Item 35 =  small two wheel cart, only used once
Item 36 & 37 =  two large round green candles that are too big for my holders
Item 38 =  collapsable bag, received as gift more than 5 years ago, never used
Item 39 =  small stuffed bunny was going to give as gift, but didn’t
Item 40 =  Bread maker, admitted we’d never use again
Item 41 =  Apple baker, new, never used
Item 42 =  Expresso machine, admitted we’d never use again
Item 43 =  Seed spreader, admitted we’d never use again
Items 44 & 45 =  2 pairs of binoculars that we were given, but never used
Item 46 =  oval serving bowl, new, never used
Item 47 =  tin bucket that a gift came in, never used
Item 48 =  hanging rod for closet, admitted we’d never use
Items 49 & 50 =  two piece slide projector, decided 2 is too many

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Yard Sale Details:  Saturday, June 22, 2013, 8:00AM to 2:00PM
North Attleboro, MA 02670
All Proceeds go to H.O.P.E Program at Boston Children’s Hospital

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