Donation Challenge – Part 3

101#I was so energized and motivated from the removal of 50 unwanted, unneeded and unused items from our space, I wanted to challenge myself even more.  Could I reach the 100 item mark?  Yes, I decided to go for it.  Maybe, just maybe, I was getting carried away, but I will admit, I was having fun with it.  It was very liberating, allowing myself to donate items to a worthy cause (H.O.P.E. Program of Boston Children’s Hospital) while purging our space of items that were no longer important in our current lives.
Our list of donated items is printed below. It may prompt you to think of items that you have in your household that you could donate.  If that is the case, please share those items with me.

Items 51 & 52 =  two racket ball rackets, admitted we’d never use again
Item 53 =  new kids puzzle, decided not to wait to give as gift
Items 54 – 58 =  five new kids games, decided not to wait to give as gift
Item 59 =  travel size tweezer kit, never used
Item 60 =  small gravy boat, decided 2 is too many
Item 61 =  mini cookie cutters, gift, never used
Item 62 =  manual aerator tool, never used
Items 63 & 64 =  two large hooks, never used
Item 65 =  snowman table runner
Items 66 & 67 =  2 sets of cloth napkins & place-mats, gift, never used
Items 68 -71 =  four demitasse cups and saucers, already donated espresso maker
Items 72 =  soap dish, not being used
Item 73 =  container with pour spout, never used
Item 74 =  Holiday bowl, admitted we’d never use again
Item 75 & 76 =  Set of two holiday glasses, admitted we’d never use again
Item 77 =  LP albums, no player to listen to them
Item 78 =  set of 10 luau leis, admitted we’d never use again
Item 79 =  grass skirt, admitted I’d never use again
Item 80 =  set of 10 paper lanterns, admitted we’d never use again
Item 81 =  Aloha sign, admitted we’d never use again
Item 82 =  orange and black basket, not being used
Item 83 =  travel coffee mug, decided 5 is enough
Item 84 =  purple ice bucket,  decided 2 is enough
Item 85 =  bed dust ruffle, admitted we’d never use again
Item 86 7 87 =  small bowls, never used
Item 88 =  pewter milk pitcher, gift, never used
Item 89 =  pewter sugar bowl, gift, never used
Item 90 =  RedSox key chain bottle opener, decided 3 is enough
Item 92 & 93 =  two spreader knives, decided 4 is enough
Item 94 =  set of snowman stirrers, never used
Item 95 =  set of wine tags, gift, never used
Item 96 =  timer, decided 3 is enough
Item 97 =  rolling pin, admitted we’d never use again
Item 98 =  tiny whisk, too small
Item 99 =  bread knife, decided one is enough
Item 100 =  small sock coin purse, decided 3 is enough
Item 101 =  bag of Duplo toys

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Yard Sale Details:  Saturday, June 22, 2013, 8:00AM to 2:00PM
North Attleboro, MA 02670
All Proceeds go to H.O.P.E Program at Boston Children’s Hospital

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